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We’re definitely overdue for an update around here, so please enjoy a little peek behind the scenes of the efforts going towards getting this little movie onto a big screen near you. Our principal photography ran between February 4th and the 23rd and drew on the talents of a phenomenal number of people, many more than we could’ve imagined when we embarked on this journey. Every day of production brought with it a host of new challenges  and adventures, but morale among the crew ran high, and everyone did a great job in making sure that we made our day every day. Editor Elad Tzadok has been working on our cut since the first week of photography, and thanks to his tireless efforts we were able to lock picture this week, and begin post-production  work on the film’s sound elements. We’re aiming to have the film completed by the second week of June, which at the time of this writing is about 6 weeks away, and it’s very exciting to be getting this close to the finish line. If you haven’t been checking out our Facebook or Twitter feeds, there’s lots of great glimpses into the production process there as well.

All Joking Aside by the numbers:

Days of filming: 16 (15 days principal plus one day of pickups)

Size of production crew and cast (including extras): 198

Percentage of female cast and crew: 51%

Words of dialogue spoken: 8,775

Scenes dropped: 1

Locations used: 13

Meals served: 550+

Spontaneous snowstorms endured: 1

Crew accidents cause by said snowstorm: 2

Tempers lost: 0





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  • joel

    Good stats. Overdue for a new post, like the screening

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