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About two and a half years ago I optioned a script named “Comedienne” from writer James Pickering, and with all of the blood, sweat, and tears that have gone into developing it so far, the fact that this website is now online for all of you to see is probably one of the biggest steps we’ve taken to making the film feel like a reality. I’m excited by the progress we’ve been making up until now, and the prospects for where we can go from here with the very talented team of people that we’re starting to build. The support that we’ve been receiving so far from the comedy community has also been really fantastic, and we’re looking forward to engaging with all of you funny folks even more as the project progresses.

Next up for us, are some auditions this weekend here in Vancouver where, with casting director Bim Narine, we’ll be looking at actors to fill our two lead roles of Charlene and Bob. This will be the first time I’ll actually hear dialogue from the film being read by someone other than the voices in my head, and that’s always a very cool part of the process.

I hope that you’ll all keep coming by to see how things are developing with the film, and how you can become a part of our team through our crowdfunding campaign because we’d love to have you onboard.

Jon Ornoy

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